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Friday, December 03, 2010

Tom Brady completes his metrosexuality

Add Tom Brady's endorsement of UGG boots for men to the list of things that make him a douche, by cancelling out the things that make him manly....3 SuperBowl victories, marrying a Brazilian supermodel, etc. His wife's control of his womanly hairstyle was bad enough, but is a man wearing hideous boots that make your legs appear short and your ankles fat really that step toward metrosexuality Tom wants to take? I wonder what's next for Tom Terrific, dark emo eyeliner and ear jewelry?


Bill said...

Hey, if your feet got cold in the winter like mine you would endorse them too. ;-)

Mine aren't that tall though.

ed said...

Bill, tell me you don't wear UGGs.

Ever consider fur slippers, thick socks, whatever?

You don't leave the house with your jeans tucked into them do you?

Bill said...

I wear (around the house) cheaper generic things that look a lot like them, but only ankle height. So maybe I'm not sure exactly what UGGs are. Do you wear them outdoors?

Ed said...

Yes, just like in the picture. Women, and now men apparently, wear them with shorts, skirts, and jeans tucked into them.

Crocs, UGGs, and sweats as public wear are all the equivalent of saying "I've decided that I don't give a damn what I look like".

Bill, ask your wife if she'd like a pair of UGGs for Christmas. I guarantee you that our friend David's wife and/or daughter owns a pair. Maybe even David owns a pair...heh heh.

Bill said...

OK. Now I get the whole thing. But, if they paid me what they are probably paying Brady to endorse them, I'd wear them to church!

ed said...

Good point, for the right money, I'd wear a burlap sack and a set of dick-nose glasses to a job interview.

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