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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The continuing and sad decline of Airstrip 1

The withered husk of a once-great nation that has succumbed to dhimmitude and apathy shows once again why the UK might be the first domino in Europe to willingly and embarrassingly accept hostile, Islamic colonization.

This is Amy Houston. She was run over by Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, a Muslim immigrant from Iraq who had an extensive rap sheet which included a revoked driver's license. After running her over, he left her under the wheels of his car and fled. Days later, her father had to make the awful decision to turn off her life-support. For this crime, Ibrahim served only a token sentence and is now free.

After all that, the British immigration courts have decided to grant Ibrahim asylum and allow him to remain in the UK permanently rather than deporting him, citing his absurd "right to a family life", which is stated in the UK's stupid Human Rights Document.

The pernicious creep of political correctness and apathy have reduced the UK into a moribund society that cares not, even for it's own survival.

Hat tip to DailyMail.


David said...

This is sad and maddening.
p.s. Have you been perusing a dictionary? Great vocabulary lesson with each post.

ed said...

No dictionary, I just read so much that I've managed to pick up a few words and phrases that I find useful. Glad you enjoy it. I wish I was a better writer.