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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

People who are "furries" have something wrong with them

Everybody knows that I don't hunt. I own guns but I don't have any desire to shoot a dumb animal that I unfairly lured into position with salt, grain, and green grass. I don't care if others do, I just don't get the thrill.

I could however, make an exception if I caught this guy on my lawn. Is there anything more annoying and worth the price of a bullet than people who dress up and act like animals for the fun of it?

NOTE: if you want to impress me with your hunting prowess, strip down to nothing but a loin-cloth and jump out of a tree with no weapon but a Bowie knife onto the back of a mature buck and kill it before it kills you. Any hunting story that involves a hunting blind, scoped sniper rifle, and dousing yourself in deer piss just seems lame to me.

Thanks to Pat over at Belchspeak for the vid.


David said...

Many thoughts come to mind, none of them good or appropriate for this PG-rated blog. I'll leave it at: weird.

ed said...

I like to think of TRR as PG-13 now that my kid is 16 and not very impressionable anymore. He probably hears a lot worse than PG-13 every day in the halls at school.

Yeah, I have no idea what the context of this is. Is he on his way to a Broadway production of "Santa Clause" or something equally stupid?

Easy Mike said...

What. The. Hell.

David said...

Well said Mike!

BelchSpeak said...

Ed, I love it when I post stuff that freaks you out! Thanks again for the pingback!