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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Deadbeats have some nerve

This is shiftless deadbeat, Raymeica Kelly.....

Showing her Georgia Power bills in the one warm room of her home, Raymeica Kelly explains how her mother, sister and herself were turned away from the Energy Assistance Program on Wednesday morning after standing in line for four hours.

Notice anything peculiar about this picture? This bum who is complaining about not getting free power to her house, to which she obviously feels entitled, is standing absurdly in front of her flat-panel HD TV and X-box game station.

She has better electronics than me, yet she wants me to pay for her power bill? I wonder if the reporters doing this sad-sack holiday story asked her about the obvious conflict of begging for bill-payers to foot her power bill in front of some of the best electronics money can buy? I doubt it. Asking the poor to be responsible doesn't fit the media's template of "the rich don't do enough to help the poor around Christmas time".

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