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Friday, December 17, 2010

"Victim" plunders undeserved millions from tobacco company

Once again the criminal syndicate that masquerades as our court system has completely thrown out any shred of common sense or legal reason......

From Boston.com -- The son of a Roxbury woman who died from lung cancer said today he wished his mother was still alive – and not the reason Lorillard Inc. has been ordered to pay her $152 million in compensatory and punitive damages for starting her lifelong addiction to smoking when she was a child.

“She was addicted,’’ William Evans said today. “Obviously, had she had a choice, she would not have smoked, and the record was clear about that. She made over 50 attempts to try to stoop smoking and she was addicted. She had no free will.’’

Millions upon millions of Americans have stopped smoking using their own free will. That this woman was so weak minded and lacking in determination were the primary contributing factors to her failure to stop smoking and eventual death. But stupid juries don't consider the notion of personal responsibility when the "victim" is a poor, black woman and the evil tobacco company has so much money.

The legal system in this country has been twisted by lawyer-politicians and the powerful trial-lawyer lobby, into a vehicle of plunder through which phony "victims" can legally burglarize other citizens and companies for outrageous jackpots of cash. I hope Lorillard keeps this case in appeals for decades until this bum and his lawyers have long died.

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