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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's in Ed's iPod?

I know it's a drag languishing in your tiny cubicle, barely able to keep from stabbing your annoying office mate who reeks of BO and the Indian food he had for lunch. And you're listening to tired Muzak tracks over crappy office speakers as you pretend to work on another spread-sheet your ass of a boss gave you. And you're probably wondering where it all went wrong and you're questioning every choice you ever made.

Join the club.

Here are some bands that I've been grooving to that'll help get you through the soul-crushing disappointment and despair......

Silversun Pickups

Echo and Bunnymen



Broken Bells

Edwyn Collins

These tunes won't fix your life but they'll take a little of the edge off.


Bill said...

The Broken Bells is on my top ten list for new albums this year (actually in my top three).

I bought the SSPickups and liked it for about 5 days. Good production. Good pop. After that, the singer's over emotive, pretty boy voice, coupled with him audibly inhaling after each line like he was about to have an orgasm, really got on my nerves.

Never heard of Lissie. Will have to check it out.

David said...

Glee Soundtrack

David said...

Don't know if I should go public with this as I think it's illegal in three states but...

As you may or may not know I am teaching myself how to play the guitar. As a result I spend a lot of time on YouTube as it is a great virtual teacher. In my studies I often find excellent acoustic covers of songs so I use a freeware app to strip the video off and transfer the audio to iTunes. Voila! inexpensive music which is better than the stuff proffered on the radio. (Yes, I'm still old school...no Satellite radio.)

I bet these bathroom amateurs (they often "record" in bathrooms and other seemingly weird places) would be surprised to learn there is a bubba riding around in Georgia with their music on his car radio, again old school - routed from my ipod through one of those Rube Goldberg cassette adapters.

This gives me good music, a temporary feeling of beating the man while allowing me to where a leather jacket and claim I'm from the wrong side of the tracks!