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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Will she or won't she?

Over at TheDailyBeast Matt Latimer has an interesting take on why Sarah Palin will definitely run for president in 2012. Here's an excerpt....

One of the great ironies of the GOP's current political success is that it is in large part driven by thousands, if not millions, of people who detest it. Palin benefits from the yawning frustration with a GOP hierarchy that Tea Partiers and party conservatives believe has lost its principles, commitment to fiscal and personal responsibility, and sense of direction.

"Robbing" their favorite of the 2012 nomination, at least without seeming to have given her a fair chance, may be something the party deeply regrets, especially if her millions of alienated, and fed up, followers stay home. Besides, Palin followers argue, would the party really be that much better off with a field of helplessly bland, middle-aged white males with the excitement of a ShamWOW! infomercial.

He's right. Do we want another election season to go by trying, and failing, to get excited about Romney and all the other carbon copies of Romney? I realize there is still the aging GOP establishment to win over but huge voter enthusiasm has a tendency of doing that. The only thing I worry about is if she loses early and badly, the Palin brand may be permanently damaged, and she's got a bright future doing exactly what she's been doing for the last two years.....raising money and support for strong, tea-party candidates and advancing conservative agenda items to the front of the national political discussion. The media will try to destroy her like they've never destroyed a candidate before and that would be hard to watch.


Bill said...

The Republicans have the deepest group of potential candidates I can remember - it's not "the next guy in line" like it's been for most of the past elections. Just one example, if you aren't familiar with Mike Pence of Indiana, check out his speech reproduced in the "Imprimis" publication of Hillsdale College. He is a true Constitutionalist, IMO. There's a lot more out there for '12 than Romney, Huckabee, or Palin.

Ed said...

Yeah, I was going to add that I could probably get behind a Pence run for CiC. Maybe a Pence/Gingrich ticket would motivate the tea-party base. Personally, I don't think Palin should run, for the reasons I talked about. She's more useful elsewhere, though a lot of the guys would be flying under the rader because she'd be drawing the fire of the media. That said, Palin supporters might not warm up to whoever defeats her in primary season in time to beat BarryO in the general. It's a risky prospect for her, with pitfalls everywhere and only one positive outcome.....the Presidency.

Bill said...

Now Pence and Gingrich is a dream ticket, as far as I'm concerned. I also like Pawlenty and some of the others. Then you get to the guys who, unlike our current presidend, know they need some seasoning first. Like Rubio, Jindal, and Christie. A bright future. Who's the next Democrat who measures up to any of these people?

ed said...

Yeah, we finally have a stall full of horses and several in waiting. The democrats may have blown their wad on Obama for a generation or so because nobody can generate the cult following of the Messianic Moonbat. By comparison, every democrat around is an utter dud.