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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The religion of peace strikes again

This shocking video from the Sudan where a woman was whipped in the streets for wearing pants under her burqa, has just been made public. I posted this a couple of days ago but it needs to be reposted.

WARNING: violent content. Watch with caution.

How many of these incidents have to happen each week before the West finally acknowledges that as practiced by most of the mid-east and Africa, Islam is a barbaric cult of backward savages?

From FoxNews -- Footage has emerged of a woman being publicly whipped in Sudan for wearing pants.

The video offers a rare glimpse of the type of punishment inflicted on women who break the country's strict morality code.

The victim was punished under Sharia law for wearing pants under her Islamic clothing.

The footage shows her crawling on the ground, raising her arm to try to ward off the attacks and screaming as the whip strikes.

As usual, the feminists' yaps are shut since adherence to politically correct dogma compels them to remain silent....ironically, the lone feature of Islam.

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