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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Islam and western culture do not mix

I got a heads-up from regular reader Bill....
Islam is a pernicious and virulent ideology that is utterly incompatible with modern human values. A 10 year old child in Germany found this out the hard way.
A recent Iraqi refugee was taken on a "field trip" to a local public pool to help in the assimilation process. He promptly took a 10 year old into the locker room and violently raped him, then casually put on his trunks and went swimming.
The boy suffered horrible injuries requiring intensive medical care.
The Iraqi told the police that it was a "sexual emergency" since he hadn't had sex in 4 months. Obviously he was sentenced to do jail time, but an idiot judge decided that it was unclear to the refugee whether the boy said "No", and overturned the conviction. He awaits retrial.
There's no age of consent in Germany? Regardless, when you deliberately import a malignant culture that directly conflicts with yours, you're asking for trouble.

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