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Monday, October 17, 2016

The farcical Nobel prize strikes again

Obama being given the Nobel Peace Prize after only one year in office, based on a bunch of dopey rhetoric about the stupid, mythical Arab Spring and pulling out of Iraq was the epitome of moonbattery. So I guess it's not surprising that the Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan?
Here's their justification.......
[The Swedish Academy’s permanent secretary Sara Danius compared Dylan’s lyrics to the works of Homer.
“But we still read them, 2,500-some years later… And in much the same way you can read Bob Dylan too. And you realize that he is great at rhyming, great at putting together refrains and great at poetic images".]
Nothing against Dylan, I'm a fan, but "he is good at rhyming"? Are you kidding me?
She added hopefully that 20 years from now we'll recognize the contributions of Jay Z and Kanye West to literature as well.
Maybe this line is what earned Dylan the Nobel....“Wiggle wiggle like a bowl of soup/Wiggle wiggle like a rolling hoop”.
If Obama can win it for peace, why can't Dylan win it for literature?


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

I have never eaten shrimp tacos and a free Nobel Peace Prize is just the inducement I need to get me to try them. Unfortunately, the restaurant's address is not on the sign.

Ed said...

Peace Prize or a coupon for shrimp tacos BOGO on your next visit......six of one.......