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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bus drivers are good drivers, Johnthany is not

Apparently this moron intentionally wrecked a school bus in Tennessee a couple of days ago, killing 5 kids and injuring many more.
Predicatably the news media and hysterical government regulators are screeching about 3-point belts on every school bus being mandatory, but has anybody stopped to marvel at the costs and problems that would arise, not to mention, seat belts weren't the problem here.....hiring this idiot thug with the dumb name, Johnthany, to drive a bus in the first place was the problem?
-Retrofitting every school bus in the nation with belts would cost millions if not billions and take many years.
-3-point harnesses require a sufficiently tall seat. Most school bus seats are fairly short. Must they also purchase and install taller seats?
-not every kid fits the same belt. You can't have football players using the same belt as 2nd graders.....that might be MORE dangerous in a wreck.
-Will every bus driver now have to play flight attendant too and check every belt for security before driving to the next stop?
-what's the legal liability if a kid does get hurt? Once the government belt mandates begin, dumb juries will award a hurt kid millions and bankrupt school systems all over the country. Trial lawyers will see to that with frivolous, pay-day lawsuits.
The list of problems with belts goes on and on. Wouldn't it be better to not hire thugs named Johnthany who look like Snoop from 1983, to drive kids' buses?


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

A Snoop Dogg lookalike with a Flavor Flav hairdo. Priceless.

Ed said...

How does this clown get a job refilling condom machines at the interstate truckstop, much less driving school buses full of children?