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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Justice for Hillary is not Trump's job as President

So Trump says he has no interests in pursuing Hillary Clinton for whatever crimes she may have committed while Secretary of State.
Candidate Trump may promise prosecutions out the wazoo, but President Trump would be wise to abstain from that process altogether, because it's not his job as President to pursue any specific American citizen for any crimes, nor direct or otherwise influence the Justice Department or the FBI to do so on his behalf. If her crimes rose to the level of a federal indictment, they'll figure that out, Trump need not involve himself in any way.

Dude has a country to manage and instructing the justice department or the FBI to go after Hillary would not only be outside his purvue as President, it would look like a petty, political vendetta for which he doesn't have the time.
As President, he should wash his hands of the Clintons and not be part of whatever Sessions at Justice and the FBI decide to do. And if the investigations don't lead AG Jeff Sessions to indict her, then let her slink out the back door of US politics and mercifully fade away.
Americans have to believe that the FBI and Justice Dept. are apolitical, otherwise the rule of law breaks down.


Anonymous said...

As a person who believes in equal protection and equal administering of the law, I understand the desire of Trump follower to punish Hillary. She has slimed her way through so many disasters that would have landed an average American in jail, it would be nice to see her pay the price for one. But the best thing that could happen politically for Trump is for Obama to pardon Hillary on the way out. A pardon assumes guilt. It admits to the American people that she was guilty of mishandling classified information, and the mere act of setting up the private server proves intent. No more denials. No more cries of innocence. Guilty. If Obama will not pardon Hillary, then Trump should make it clear that he will not interfere with the current FBI investigation. Any hint of his interference will give the Democrats the political cover to obstruct everything Trump wants to accomplish. They will probably obstruct anyway, but don't give them the excuse.

Ed said...

Well analyzed Anon. My thoughts exactly and I like the notion of Obama pardoning her for crimes while in office.....it's like pleading the 5th......everybody knows you're guilty after that.