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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Consitutional scholar? I doubt it

During an interview from Peru over the weekend, as part of an explanation for the election outcome, President Obama complained that small red states have two senators just like massive blue states like California. Apparently he thinks this is part of some sort of system rigged against him.
I thought he was a constitutional scholar. The whole purpose of having two houses of congress is that one(the Senate) represents the interests of the states and no one state is more important than another. The other one(the House) represents the people based on population so California gets 55 reps while North Dakota gets 3.
Originally, senators weren't voted on by the people as they are today. The state legislatures voted on two representatives to the Senate to represent equally, that state's interests in competition(or cooperation) with the interests of other states.
Either he doesn't understand the Constitution or he's being intentionally misleading, knowing that dumb Americans haven't learned an iota about the Constitution in school.

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