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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Eric Bolling for Commerce?

Fox's Eric Bolling, one of the first anchors at Fox News to jump all-in on the Trump bandwagon, is reportedly being considered for the job of Commerce Sec.
Of all the useless agencies, Commerce might be the most useless, along with Education, Energy, Interior, and the EPA, which all need to be eliminated, but if you have to fill these vacancies for reasons other than to supervise their shuttering and closing, then you could do a lot worse than Eric Bolling, who seems to know a lot about job creation.
As his first order of business, he should appoint Mike Rowe as his under-secretary and send him out to get some things done, post haste

Does anybody know what the Department of Commerce does?

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Patricia Forsythe said...

Bolling/Rowe - a great combination!