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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, December 16, 2016

Learn the difference between rigging and influencing an election

Ok, so in the media and even on Fox News, people are confusing "election rigging" with "election influencing". They're not the same.
There is no way anybody rigged the election. Because not even one voting machine is online, rigging the election would mean a person physically altering the programming of the voting machinery on-site, at many sites, one at a time. Ridiculous.
What definitely happened is that somebody, maybe the Russians, Chinese, or fed-up democrat operative, did hack the DNC emails and hand them over to Wikileaks, who then went public with them. That's not rigging an election, that's influencing an election.

In this case the election was influenced by the truth about democrat-party machinery, casual security, and an e-mail account of guy named Weiner.
Hillary is just pissed that the truth kept her from bamboozling the American electorate into installing her into the presidency. Tell me, how is more truth worse than less truth when it comes to politics?

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