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Friday, December 23, 2016

The next human epoch

Meet Lilly, a french robotics technician who 3D printed this anthropomorphic robot herself, then fell in love with it(him). They've been "cohabitating" for a year and she intends to marry it when human/robot marriage becomes legal. Apparently she has some mental disorder by which intimate contact with male human flesh makes her skin crawl so this is her refuge.
I'm kind of surprised that this story isn't from those robot-obsessed weirdos in Japan. Still, objectophilic marriages are probably not that far off, especially as A.I. improves to the point that the human/robot line becomes more blurred and reproductive options become more technological and less traditional.
When this happens, I think it'll mark the beginning of a new epoch on the timeline of human experience in our, pardon the expression, brave new world.


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

For the moment, the robot is only "knows" the missionary position. Software is in development to add cunnilingus capability.

Ed said...

i'm sure the Japs have already perfected the sexual capabilities of A.I. "beings". I think this one moves and can have rudimentary conversations. At some point the human mimicry will be convincing enough that the lonely or socially awkward among us will prefer them to human interactions.

David said...

Watch "West Worldl"!

Ed said...

David, my plans are to binge it once the season's over.

David said...

The season ended two weeks ago.

Ed said...

Ok cool, I'll either find it On-Demand or I know a guy who knows a guy who knows how to use Pirate Bay and get it that way.