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Saturday, December 17, 2016

British movies have diversity minimums, when will America follow?

The British version of the US's Motion Picture Academy has announced a new policy that prevents any film or TV show from receiving its award unless its cast is sufficiently diverse. With the Oscars in the US being under fire for not nominating any blacks for two years in a row, I wonder when they'll announce their diversity policy.
Not that I pay attention to awards anyway(I never agree with self-appointed "critics" of movies, books, music, food, or whatever) or ever watch the horrible awards shows, but I guess all American movies whose creators aspire to win an Oscar must soon feature at least three actors of the following list.....black, Hispanic, gay, handicapped, female, tranny, senior citizen, vegan, Muslim, atheist, or little person, or it won't be qualified for an award.

They think it's hard getting people out to the movies now, wait until "Saving Private Ryan" includes a female vegan with a peg-leg in the fox hole complaining about the meal rations. 


david said...

Saw "Rogue One" last night. Not a fan of SW since the first one in 1977(?) but plenty of diversity there. BTW, unless you ARE a SW fan, save your money.

Ed said...

Really? Our family saw it this morning and thought it was terrific.

I thought the story was good, and the lens to Ep-4 were excellent, even having a couple of odd-ball characters from the first movie appear in this one, but you have to be looking for them. Also, I thought the battle scene on Sacrif was fantastic.

Not sure what you disliked about it, but I suspect it was that everybody died. I think they had to do that because none of those characters had any role in Ep-4 which took place literally 15 minutes after this one ended.

david said...

SW has never inspired me and I have not followed it closely so I may not be reliable movie critic.

Ed said...

Yeah, I'm kind of a fan-boy, no conventions or paraphernalia or anything, just a fan.

David said...

Best thing to watch currently? West World on HBO. Season one just wrapped up. Fantastic show with excellent acting. I can't get enough.

Ed said...

We don't get HBO, but we know people who know how to use PirateBay. I'll check it out. ;-)