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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, December 02, 2016

There's a revolutionary right here in Hoover

I just learned that there's an actual revolutionary living right here in Hoover, and I've bought nails and screws from him.
Meet Gustavo Diaz, a 60 year old former colonel in the Venezuelan army. He was part of the failed coup attempt in 2002 of Hugo Chavez. For that crime, he and his familly fled Venezuela, requested political asylum, and are now citizens right here in Hoover, Alabama where he works at the Home Depot where I shop every week.
Mr Diaz operates in his spare time, DollarToday.com, a web site that essentially sets the real daily exchange rates on the street in Venezuela between bolivars and US dollars, not only allowing the real-time exchange of black-market US dollars, but defining the daily prices for virtually everything in the crumbling Venezuela. By letting people get around strict government currency controls, this web site creates a tremendous instability in the socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, making Gustavo public enemy numero uno to the regime of Maduro.

Diaz is as surprised as anybody that he's able to do far more to topple the regime of Maduro and his corrupt government with a computer here in Hoover, than he could as part of a revolutionary coup d'etat.
I think that's pretty cool. Kids should be wearing Gustavo Diaz on their T-shirts instead of Che Guevera


David said...

Ed, great story!

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

David and I can sometimes agree. Who knew.