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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Just because they're scientists, it doesn't make them smart

Well this might just be the stupidest "scientific" conclusion ever to have been arrived at. Scientists, probably with PhD's in Gender Studies, published a report that claims people die more often in hurricanes named for women because Americans subconsciously don't respect them or feel as threatened and don't take the same precautions as they do when storms are named for men. The thinly veiled message being that women in the US still aren't respected. 

Heh heh, what a load of shit!

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita didn't kill a lot of people because as idiots, they didn't respect the feminine names. They died because they were idiots and refused to get out of the way of a Cat-5 hurricane.....or possibly because their neighbors were cannibals if you believe Geraldo.

It's random which hurricanes come ashore in heavily populated areas and It's blind dumb luck that they happened to have been named for broads. Dude-named storms of equal strength and in the same location would have killed just as many people.

What's next, gender sensitivity classes for the meteorologists over at NOAA?

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David said...

I thought the conclusion was "male" hurricanes were the problem? Maybe I misunderstood.