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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, June 27, 2014

Free-the-Nipple movement, about as silly as you'd expect

Regular reader David sent this in. No it's not pornographic and let's assume not his wife, it's the TaTaTop bikini. It's part of a ridiculous campaign called the Free-the-Nipple movement, by some misguided feminists to have equality with men regarding public toplessness.

The Free-the-Nipple movement, if you can call it a legitimate movement rather than just a gaggle of hippie, feminist exhibitionists, can inadvertently cause crime sprees as cops, undoubtedly by the hundreds, respond to reports of topless babes running around. The TaTaTop lets women "expose" themselves as they like, while not technically breaking any decency laws.

Now, speaking for men everywhere, I fully support the Free-the-Nipple campaign.....if there's anything this world needs more of, it's chicks without tops on. Color me....ahem....titillated.

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