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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, June 27, 2014

Mexicans have no respect for US authority

On Thursday night, a Mexican military chopper entered US airspace and fired on US border patrol agents. Nobody got hurt and the Mexican government called to apologize. Please!

Since 2004 armed Mexican authorities have entered the US unlawfully at least 300 times, that we know of. This is unacceptable. Our government's absolute refusal for 30 years to enforce border control might be their biggest failing of all.

I wonder why the agents didn't return fire with their side arms. Perhaps because Obama made sure all they have to shoot with is bean-bag guns......I mean we wouldn't want to hurt any of the MS-13 gang members, drug mules, or heavily armed coyotes coming into our country, would we?

If I was a border guard, I would have a side arm whether the administration approved it or not, and I'd have shot at the tail rotor of the helicopter. In the movies, that always results in the most spectacular and entertaining, fiery crashes. They should have at least returned fire somehow. What were they thinking?

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