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Friday, June 06, 2014

Remember Normandy, 70 years ago today

Everybody, except most who were educated in government schools where they don't teach US history any more, remembers the date 7Dec1941. That's the day the US was dragged into the Pacific theater of WWII when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

But how many remember 6Jun1944? 70 years ago today, allied forces, mostly Americans, landed at Normandy Beach, France in the final push to rid Europe of Hitler. 4,413 allied soldiers, of which 2,499 were Americans, died. If not for that allied attack, the whole of Europe might be speaking German today.

Say what you will about the wisdom of the US meddling in the affairs of countries we don't care about in the last 65 years sine the end of WWII, but what other nation gives it's blood and treasure so freely to liberate others from the grip of despotism, tyranny, and barbarism?


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

"...the decisive battle that defeated National Socialist Germany, would never have succeeded were it not for Stalin’s Soviet Red Army.

Some 75% of the once mighty German Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe were destroyed by the Soviet Union on the Eastern Front: 607 German and Axis divisions, 48,000 German tanks, 77,000 German warplanes.

The shattered German forces met by the Americans, British and Canadians at Normandy were reduced to 40% of effective strength. They were immobilized by lack of fuel and had no air cover to protect them from 24-hour Allied carpet bombing and strafing. It was amazing the battered Germans could fight at all, or so hard. Had the Allied landing met the Germans of 1940, they would have been pushed into the Channel.

So big thanks are still owed to the Russians/Soviets who, however brutal and murderous, really won the war in Europe and went on to destroyed 450,000 Japanese troops. At least 12 million Soviet soldiers died so sparing the lives of Allies soldiers." ~Eric Margolis, June 7, 2014

Ed said...

Isaac, Putin was at Normandy yesterday to represent his country's contribution to defeating Hitler. Nobody is taking anything away from Mother Russia. Each nation celebrates the occasion without slighting the others.