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Monday, September 21, 2015

Looks like the clock/bomb case may have been a hoax

Apparently this kid with the clock in Texas was a set up. His father is a known Islamic activist. Other people went onto eBay and bought the exact same "clock" already in the disassembeled state the kid claims he "rebuilt" it. And the kid has already lawyered up for an unknown reason.

The dad has a beef with the local mayor and has already been in front of the camera blaming the mayor for the school's handling of the "clock".

It sounds like the dad concocted whole charade as a way to embarrass the mayor and make him look unreasonably hostile to Muslims. I don't know for sure, but a lot of people are making the case.

Of course, Obama jumps to support a "victimized" Muslim without knowing the facts, same as he did with Trayvon.


Bill said...

Our media are so schizophrenic. It's always, "see something, say something" and the passengers on the French train were rightly praised for "doing something" even by Obama. Then, quick as a wink, they turn on some poor teacher who "says something."

Ed said...

Right you are Bill. Which ever side makes regular Americans look like racists is the side the media chooses.

I wonder if Sidwell Friends or the Obama's would have been as accomodating with this kid.

Bill said...

"Explodey" has to be one of the best words ever on TRR!

Dacid said...

Sickening, I can't even read about this. I'm off to buy a clean diesel VW!

Ed said...

You can probably pick one up cheap today. Their stock just took a huge hit.