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Monday, September 28, 2015

Putin makes his play to replace the US in the middle east

Everybody's upset because Vladimir Putin is making a play to establish a Russian influence hegemony in the middle east, to replace the American influence hegemony that has worked so splendidly for us there.

He wants to prop up Syria's ruthless dictator Bashar Assad the way the Americans propped up Iran's ruthless dictator Shah 40 years ago, Egypt's ruthless dictator Hasni Mubarak, and even Iraq's ruthless dictator Saddam Hussein, at least until he became public enemy #1 by invading Kuwait.

Do we Americans think that we alone have dibs on middle east meddling? Putin wants to help Assad stay in power by destroying ISIS for him. At this point, given that Obama has done nothing to deter ISIS in the slightest, why not approve of Putin installing a puppet regime in Syria if it means ridding the world of ISIS? We can worry about the Russian presence later. If Assad falls, ISIS takes over the entire country of Syria and they hold most of Iraq already.

Do we want that? Which is worse, ISIS running rampant all over the middle east or Assad treating his people barbarically, while keeping his boot on the necks of the ISIS rabble? Additionally, if Russia exerts its influence in the middle east, maybe ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban will direct their collective ire toward Moscow rather than the US for a while.

I'll go with Assad for now and I'll bet all the Syrian and Iraqi Christians with headless family members would agree.


Bill said...

Obama is abandoning 70 years of American policy, bipartisan. Keeping the bear out of the Med was a priority, with the turning of Egypt from their client to ours in the late 70's and early 80's a real big win.

Now, Egypt and even Israel are reaching out to the bear, since Obama has proven to be a terrible friend and a weak opponent. 16 months to go.

Putin's argument is that dictators bring stability. This is of course self serving, but has a certain logic. Egypt is a case in point - stable under Mubarak, then chaos under Obama's friends, now stable under al-Sisi.

Ed said...

I would like to have kept our influence there intact. ISIS would never have come into being had we handled each nation the way we should have. The stupid Arab Spring about which Obama and the media got the vapors was nothing but a one-way fall to chaos and power vacuums.

With Obama in full retreat and Putin in full advance, there might just be a Russian political hegemony in place before our next election.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

“What is important to remember is that Syria’s government asked the Russians for help!
Syria’s government did not invite the United States to come in and bomb their country!
Now you know who the ‘bad guys’really are!”

~Michael Rivero