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Friday, November 27, 2015

Campus Bias Response Team, essentially speech police

Apparently Framingham State University in Mass., has a, and I'm not kidding, "Bias Protocol and Response Team".
The team was dispatched STAT!, to deal with an oppressed and traumatized student who saw a confederate flag on a classmate's laptop. THE HORROR!!!!!
The student was rushed to counseling before any permanent damage to her delicate psyche could be done. Apparently the mere image of a rebel flag violates the campus doctrine of inclusivity.
Here the Orwellian definition of "inclusivity" means the exclusivity of anything that might offend the hot-house orchid sensibilities of left-wing ideologue students who've been conditioned to have a zero-tolerance policy toward others. 
If you make the mistake of displaying anything that finds disfavor with classmates of politically perferred skin pigmentation, you might see your school's Bias Protocol and Response Team show up at your door......

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Bill said...

What will they do to the offender? I shudder to think. NK style "reeducation" perhaps.