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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Missouri's poopy-swastika joins the hate-hoax list

The poopy-swastika that gave rise to all the recent nonsense at the Univerity of Missouri turns out to probably have been a hoax as no witnesses exist nor any pictures(how many college kids would see something like that and not grab a pic with their cellphone?) This is just the latest in a long and distinguished list of hate-hoaxes perpetrated by the very people who claim to be the victims of them. 

Apparently these people can't find any body to actually victimize them so they do it to themselves to get attention. 

If you want to see the entire hate-hoax list, head on over to the esteemed counter-moonbat site Moonbattery and read all about it.


Bill said...

The millionaire's kid hunger striker/instigator now admits he made up a story about the KKK being "active on campus." Think he'll be disciplined at all?

Ed said...

Nope, the media will say that if he felt like racism was on campus, then that feeling validates his claim about the KKK, and whether they were actually on campus is irrelevant because as a person with politically preferential skin pigmentation, his feelings about race cannot be assailed.