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Sunday, November 01, 2015

If you're a woman, don't visit Sweden

If you were asked to name the country with the highest per-capita rape, what would your answer be? South Africa? Bolivia? Mexico? Somalia? 

You'd be wrong. The answer is Sweden where an estimated 1out of every 4 adult women gets raped at some point. Why so many rapes? Because 77% of Sweden's rapists are recent Muslim immigrants. 

The Muslim attitude toward women is renown for it's primitive loathsomeness. And still Sweden's quisling government bureaucrats, whose daughters I'm guessing have not been raped, are inviting in 190,000 of them to immigrate just this year, mostlly from Syria.......and that same amount every year until the middle east runs out of Muslims I guess. 

190,000 represents about 2% of Sweden's population so it won't take long for that country to be overrun by needy, unassimilated, savages. They are already stressing the generous welfare system to the point of collapse, but it might be too late. 

25% of your women being raped is a high price to pay for tolerance and diversity......just ask the women.  


Bill said...

Their Viking ancestors must be spinning in Valhalla!

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Civil War Erupts in Sweden as Irate Swedes Burn Nine Muslim Refugee Centers to the Ground

Refugee centers in Sweden are being burned to the ground in what appears to be a statement against the significant number of refugees the country has allowed in. The multiple arsons have all been at facilities which house or are slated to house immigrants.

[SOURCE: Powdered Wig Society]

Ed said...

What's your point Isaac? While I don't agree with violence against anybody......for the most part anyway.....I totally understand the frustration of the Swedes toward their government. I think that they are trying to get the immigrants to go home by making them feel unwelcomed. As long as no women or children get hurt....and there aren't very many of them anyway.....I get it.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

No need to be defensive, Ed. It's just a news report.

Ed said...

But surely there's a point, no?

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

You wrote a post about how bad the Muslim refugees in Sweden act and I posted a news item showing that the Swedes agree with you. That's it. Nothing sinister.

The Muslim refugees are behaving very badly and my view is that the native citizens should not have to be burdened, socially or economically, by them. I think the various nations ought to build concentration camps where the refugees can be isolated from the native population. There they should be given only essentials and humanitarian care until they can be repatriated to their homelands. That is just my personal take on the subject.

Ed said...

"concentration camps"? If I know you Isaac, and I'd like to think I do, I believe I detect a subtle note of sarcasm.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Sarcasm? Not at all. I oppose evil wherever I find it no matter the offenders. An unwelcome intruder into a man or woman's home can be resisted with lethal force. Machine gunning refugees strikes me as somewhat over the top but concentration camps? Definitely.