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Friday, November 13, 2015

Mizzou, now a national joke

Heh heh, Missouri revealed their all-white uni's for the game with BYU on Saturday. All white? That's racist!
Here are the new helmets they'll be sporting.


Bill said...

If the coach had any cojones, he'd have played the game with walk-ons and those scholarship players who valued their chance.

I hope BYU slaughters them.

Ed said...

Me too Bill. Go Cougars!

Bill said...

I just read the coach is leaving at season's end "for health reasons." Wise move!

Ed said...

That school is collapsing. The BLM students who successfully ousted the president, installed one of ther own at interim president. This new guy is a social justice warrior who completely agrees with these delusional students.

You watch, the students will demand he be made permanent president, all while the grown ups at that school are cowering under their desks or have slunk off campus with their tails between their legs. If I had a kid there, they would already be home and filling out transfer papers.

If this guy becomes the president of Mizzou, in five years, it will be the Grambling of the SEC.

Bill said...

Can't you just hear one of these SJW's "demanding" that ISIS only behead people in a diverse safe space?

David said...

"...t will be the Grambling of the SEC."

Bill said...

I think that's unfair to Grambling. They probably don't put up with this crap.