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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Mark Richt must go

Historically under Mark Richt, Georgia doesn't show up to play in big games and almost always loses big. This year is no different. Against Alabama, we didn't show up at all and that pretty much ended our season. Since, we haven't shown up to play UT, Missouri, and yesterday we didn't show up to play Florida. It's likely we'll lose to Tech, Kentucky, and Auburn as well.
It's as if the Georgia players have been getting participation trophies and hearing their mommies telling them how wonderful they are all their lives. And I think that's what they get from the "nice" Richt staff......nothing but praise regardless of how pathetic their effort was on the field.
Richt and his entire inept staff must go, sooner rather than later. Maybe there's a kindergarten somewhere for underprivileged amputee orphans who deserve constant praise and mollycoddling, maybe Richt can do some good there.


Bill said...


As a Tech guy, I say, "Please uga fire Mark Richt! Please!"

As to Tech winning this year, are you serious?

Ed said...

Why do you want us to fire Mark Richt? We suck with him as coach.

As with most teams, Tech can play up to the level of better opponents in big games, Georgia plays down. I've got a friend from HS who's a big Bama fan and he's lobbying for a lifetime contract for Richt. That's how bad he hates Georgia.....heh heh.

Bill said...

Why? Do you know his record against the Jackets?

I guess it comes down to whether "win at all costs" justifies Saban style recruiting practices, Auburn style buying of players, FSU style overlooking criminal behavior. Or, a really class guy who wins but hasn't climbed to the highest, slipperiest peak yet. Believe me, my greatest nightmare in sports would be listening to a "National Champion Dawgs" for a year.

I'd love to see Richt at GT if PJ can't right the ship. He won't be available for long though.

I think Ray Goff might be available for your team.

Ed said...

Hell, Ray Goff might still be on our payroll.

I know we've had luck against Tech lately, but Tech qualifies as a big game and we don't do well in big games. Unless you guys are horrible, you have every chance to beat Georgia.

We don't pay Richt 3
$3.8M to be a good guy. That money is to win every game he's supposed to win, and at least half of the big games. Richt is like 5-26 or something against ranked opponents.....I'm no math whiz from Ga Tech like you, but even common core math tells me that 5-26 is significantly less than half.

Bill said...

Like I wrote, I hope they fire him.

So we're in full agreement.

Bill said...

Ed, you should find a copy of today's AJC sports section. Regarding Mark Richt, "2 minute hate" doesn't begin to describe it. It embarrassed me, and I hate all things bulldawg.

Ed said...

I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up.