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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Sunday, November 01, 2015

The media jackals think you're stupid

This sums up perfectly the pompous jack-asses in the mainstream media and how they view their roles in the delivery of the news. They are more sophisticated, educated, and worldly than we are, so nautrally our information should be filtered(read "twisted") through them.


Bill said...

Trying to revise reality with the ludicrously mis-named movie "Truth" is illustrative of this contempt. Hollywood believes they can hire Redford and Blanchette to shovel enough attractive camouflage over the 11 year old pile of excrement. With today's low-information voter they may succeed, but I doubt enough of them will even go to the stupid movie.

Ed said...

You're correct. The only people who'll go see it are the ones who hated Bush and think Rather's lie was righteous if it brought Bush down. The greater progressive good and all that shit.