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Monday, August 10, 2015

Birmingham City Council.....corrupt and self-serving to the core

The dastardly president of the B'ham City Council, Jonathon Austin, and the other council members gave themselves a 400% pay raise recently in what amounted to the dark of night. They snuck a sentence granting the raise onto an unrelated bill when nobody was looking.
City Coucil jobs are part time and they pay $15,000. Now the lazy bums will be making $75,000 for part-time "work". That's 3 times greater than the mean income of city residents and enough money for these jackasses to be sucking at the public teat full-time.
But that's ok, because the city council prides itself on diversity.....except white men, there are none.
Most people think B'ham is a big city and the metro area is(1.2Million), but that's including like 15 suburb cities. B'ham itself is only about 210,000 in pop and the city council job only requires part-time attention.
A few years ago Jefferson County (B'ham) filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history, until Detroit did it. With these bunch running the city, maybe we can get a two-fer.
Here's the rogues gallery of Birmingham City Council miscreants.....


David said...

Pretty good part time gig. I hope you pay your taxes. The city needs them.

Bill said...

Wow, the Atlanta City Council has several white guys. Well, two. Even a white woman who has been accused of being a "Republican!"