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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The carnival of idiocy rolls on with missing 777

So this is what passes for hard news now? "Possible object"?

I swear, this story has passed from the merely ridiculous into the patently absurd. And the drooling media are only partially to blame. It's the half-witted American TV viewers that are mostly the cause of hysterical reporting on the missing 777. CNN's prime-time ratings doubled because they actually proffered the idea that a black hole swallowed the plane and hosted a panel of "experts" on if this were possible. That was shortly after they wondered ominously if aliens had abducted the plane and passengers.

Are we really this stupid? Are families really sitting in their dens, staring breathless at the TV all night with half-eaten microwave dinners in their laps? They'll find the plane eventually...or maybe they won't. But 24/7 wall-to-wall coverage and analysis without a single fact to go on is beyond silly....just like trotting out every Tom, Dick, and Harry who's ever had anything to do with commercial or military aviation as experts to repeat stupidly after each other, "I don't know what happened, Greta".

I haven't watched more than 5 minutes of it since maybe day 3, and that's only to wait for some actual news to be reported....after which I turn it off.

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