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Thursday, March 27, 2014

When football players become lazy union thugs

Candy-ass Northwestern football players apparently didn't like two-a-day practices or all the hard work that goes into game preparation, so they sued for, and won, the right to unionize and bargain collectively with the school and coaching staff about practice conditions, housing arrangements, etc. 

This is going to be a disaster if unions hit up every NCAA -Div-1 sports team and try to unionize them, which they will now if this decision is upheld. Obviously Northwestern U. appealed the ruling. 

The NCAA should make an announcement today: [If players want to be considered legal "employees" of their school, then they will be charged taxes on their scholarship tuition they receive, just like any other "employees".]

That'll kill this absurd idea while it's still in the cradle. I mean what blue-chip player would choose a school that made him pay taxes on his tuition benefits because the team is a union shop. At Northwestern U. that's like $50,000 a year. What would his parents have to pay in taxes on that?