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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Apple's Tim Cook is a douche

This is Apple's douchbag CEO Tim Cook. At a recent stockholder meeting he advised any investors who don't believe in the man-made global warming hoax to sell Apple stock as they aren't wanted in the Apple family.

Virtually all of Apple's iPhones and other gadgets are made in a Foxconn factory in China. Yeah, China where there are no pollution controls whatsoever. China builds a new coal plant like every month and is already one of the worlds worst polluting nations. But Cook doesn't care about that, or that his Chinese workers live in deplorable conditions, are overworked, and earn piddling amounts of money for what they provide, he only cares that he can sell iPhones at competitive prices here to eager electronics consumers like me.

I own an iPhone and I don't care how or by whom it's made. What I do care about is the hypocrisy of this dick lecturing me about pollution when he contributes to it massively, in order to make a living.

Tim Cook can't clean up his karma as a polluter and likely human-rights violator by claiming to be an environmentalist when the facts prove him to be both. That fact makes him a douche.


david said...

I spent the last three years migrating my family to Apple. I love their products because they just work. This guy might be a chucklehead but if he keeps this up he won't be there long.

Anonymous said...

I have had some contact with Tim Cook and he is a bigot and douche. He says he is for personal freedom of the GLBT community. Yet He is bigoted against religious liberties because it doesn't codon his life style. He doesn't care the slave labor and horrid conditions that go into making the iphone of the Chinese like this author stated.

He says he is all worried about global warming yet works for a company who contributes massively to pollution.

He is all about Tim Cook and justifying any means to his end that he wants to reach.

I quit buying apple products when he started opening his bigoted mouth.

Since he took over Apple its gone down the crapper. I don't even buy their products anymore and my entire family was all about Apple. We don't miss it and I certainly won't miss him when the shareholders finally wake up and dump him.