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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Facebook goes native

Facebook is buying a solar-powered drone company for like $60 Million. Apparently he wants to deliver free wifi to underserved spots around the world.....such as the entire continent of Africa. Not sure how Zuck plans to make money from aboriginals, nomads, and warlords who don't own computers, cell phones, or even houses, but if anybody can, I guess it's him.

I wonder what a Facebook post by an African might look like.....

"Hey guys, watch this epic lion hunting fail. Kunta got eaten....hahahahaha!!!"

....with attached video clip of the mauling.

These people need food, water, medicine, and contraception, not access to the latest vine videos and LeBron James tweets.


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Google images for "African + houses" and you will see that there are houses in Africa, some of them much nicer than the houses you and I live in.

But beside that, I can see a use for wifi even in tribal villages. Everyone would not have to have a phone. One phone per tribe would allow communication with other tribes, emergency relief workers, medical centers, etc.

Wifi and notebook computers would also allow traveling nurse practitioners to consult face-to-face with doctors and hospitals, thus allowing them to give much better care than they otherwise could.

Ed said...

Thanks, way to take all the fun out of a joke, Isaac.