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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Intentional use of bad grammar in advertising irritates me

So I'm doing some traffic work down in Foley, Al, just north of Gulf Shores. There is a restaurant here, very popular with the bourgeoisie, called Lambert's. Their shtick is throwing your bread at you before you eat it.....their slogan being "Throwed Rolls".

There's no telling how many dumb hillbillies think that "throwed" is a word because of this. I will not go there and underwrite the notion that all Alabamians are illiterate rubes, although our being at the bottom of the national education rankings does make exactly that argument.

Still, intentional bad grammar, even if colloquially kitschy, annoys me.

This is not all of us, though she is kind of fetching.  ;-)

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David said...

Unintentional bad grammar annoys me.