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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, June 13, 2016

Methinks Rick Allen dost protest too much

Meet Rick Allen, he's a sanctimonious republican congresscritter from Georgia. Whatever good he may have been doing as a conservative, he looks like a moron after having read anti-gay bible verses before a May 2016 vote on a spending bill that included a statement about non-discrimination based on orientation.
Among others, the verse he read was Roman 1:27, a letter from Paul which by most interpretations basically condemns homosexuality and says gays are worthy of death.
Two points: why are grandstanding politicians reading bible verses into the congressional record to try to sway the vote their way? In a nation that by law, respects ALL religions equally, I don't think personal religious beliefs regarding morality should play an official, public role in policy making.
Second, haven't we learned that when a politician is this pietistic in his opposition to an activity he regards as indecent and morally objectionable, we'll probably at some point find him to be a secret participant of that very activity?

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Bill said...

Yeah! Remember that guy in Augusta who shot up the gay bar yelling, "St. Paul!" ?

Oh, yeah......neither do I.