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Friday, June 24, 2016

Disgruntled Uber drivers want a raise

Just read an article on Uber and Lyft, the super convenient "taxi" services you request with a phone app. The drivers are complaining that they're not making enough money to make ends meet and at least one driver is trying to organize for the purposes of collective bargaining no doubt.
These drivers can work as much or as little as they like and if there are too many drivers in an area and not enough customers to support them, then that's how the market works. Get a second job at Starbucks or something.
Organizing and forcing Uber and Lyft to pay the drivers more will only raise prices and convince would-be customers to drive their own cars, call actual taxis, or elect a designated driver of their own.
Besides, whose life plan is it to make Uber or Lyft driving a full-time job on which you try to fund a household? It's a part-time gig at most that you do in your spare time, for fun when not working at your other job(s).


David said...

Uber has replaced the taxi for me,

Ed said...

Us too, it's so much easier.

David said...

Easier, cleaner, faster, cheaper, and the drivers know where to go.

Ed said...

I'm starting to see "Uber Drivers Only" signs in parking lots of bars around town.....apparently everybody uses them because you don't see "Taxis Only" signs anywhere but the airport.