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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Pursue happiness any way you like

Heh heh heh, residents in Mt Prospect, Illinois are upset because a business just opened that caters to adults who're into pretending to be babies. Apparently all legal and property requirements were met and there's nothing legally actionable here.
Evidently the club has rules against anything sexual taking place. It's just grown-ups wearing diapers, playing in pens, and being fed by other consenting adults....all enjoyed by appointment-only behind locked doors.
One of the aghast, busy-body residents squeaked about the proprietor, "He's getting his party on in there, and we're just supposed to sit back and watch?"
Methinks the only things compelling this guy to "watch" are his own prurient interests.

There is no evidence that "adult babies" are a threat to anybody. They're a little weird in how they pursue happiness, but essentially harmless. If they are consenting adults engaging in otherwise legal activities and not hindering others' pursuit of happiness, then it's not our business to tell them they cannot. 

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