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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

More PC stupidity

I've heard Venessa Hudgens' name but I have no idea who she is. Apparently the Native American community does because they are furious at her for committing the unforgivable crime of "cultural appropriation" for wearing a dream-catcher in her hair in this Snapchat pic.
Who has ever visited the American southwest who didn't come home with at least one dream-catcher collectible? Exporting their quaint, primitive culture to white people is the primary source of income for Native Americans, is it not?
Besides, without hawking dream-catchers to pale faced tourists to wear in their hair, how would American Indians fund their rampant alcoholism?          ;-)


David said...

Ed, you're not right.

Ed said...

I think they had it coming by being so idiotic about "cultural appropriation" when they are the ones who obviously sold it to her.