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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's a right-wing conspiracy I say...a conspiracy

Small fixed wing plane crashes into high-rise apartment building in NYC. Nation's liberals scramble to figure out how to blame Karl Rove for orchestrating the crash to draw attention away from Bush's failed Iraq policies, the Mark Foley page scandle, and the North Korea crisis.


Joe Camel said...

This is easy. You see the republican braintrust arranged for this plane, while on a sightseeing trip thru NYC (heart of Demo Land) to have a failure and to crash into this highrise building. Naturally, all the big money Elephants were told just before the "accident" to escape any harm, all the while these politicians were doing an end run at the UN trying to coerce the smaller and less fortunate countries into supporting sanctions against poor helpless NOKO. See they have to be helpless, 'cause they used impure plutonium to detonate the bomb, thus increasing the global warming in the SE Asian area - thats why it is snowing in the Ne USA. Since we have snow in the NE, all those young boys are left stranded in DC for Mark Foley to prey upon.
See how nicely this all fits. Jung il has long been on the republican payroll and is only doing this because of the republicans last ditch effort to save the upcoming elections.
Damn I must be on drugs to have strung that yarn!

Ed said...

And an entertaining yarn it was JC. Have another drink on me.