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Monday, October 30, 2006

Your favorite horror movies

On the eve of Halloween, let's hear what your favorite horror movies are and why...

Mine is The Ring. Every time you see that girl, she's crawling toward you with that jerky, strobe effect with the pasty skin and sunken eyes...it totally creeped me out!


Reid said...

Halloween. When Michael Myers is standing in the billowing sheets on the laundry line, man it will scare you (every time). secondly, the music is super. You know he's coming, but all it does is heighten the suspense.

Now as far as a scary scene, years ago at the theater, the scene in Jaws when the head pops out in the window of the upturned boat, that will blow your socks off.
Happy Halloween to all ( except Hillary who forgot to take her mask off years ago- see picturs at Spencer website)

dupree said...

In "Signs" when Mel Gibson was inspecting the corn patch and you see the leg of the alien duck into the corn...I thought I would come unglued.