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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Freeze pig, or I'll shoot!

This story from England was reported as a serious news story but I found it to be hilarious...because I am cynical, insensitive, and I find humor in the misfortune of others. (emphasis on the funny parts is mine)

A nurse has spoken of her terror after she was attacked by a giant pig which charged the horse she was riding and then savaged her after she was thrown to the ground.
Suffering from broken ribs from the fall, Carolyn Robinson feared for her life as the enraged pig hurtled at her.
The ferocious beast, which she describes as "huge", mauled the 51 year old and snapped at her legs as she tried desperately to fight it off while lying prone in a quiet country lane.
The pig was eventually driven off by Mrs Robinson's worried teenage daughter, with the help of passers-by.
Animal experts say the attack could have been deadly as pigs have been known to become violent if they feel under threat or when protecting a food source or their young.
The animal is believed to still be on the loose in Hampshire's New Forest and police are urging people to be cautious and report any threatening pig incidents.

This story could just as easily have been written about an attack from an English soccer hooligan, or roadside bandit. Reread the story as if the perp were a person.

If you don't laugh out loud, there's something seriously wrong with you.


Joe Camel said...

Soooooey Pig !!
Now imagine the trouble this pound of bacon would be in if this woman was a lesbian-muslim. Insenseitive as always.

Reid said...

It was an "enraged pig" hurtling at her. Wonder if the pig felt it was rutting time. Did you notice how the pig looked like AlGore?