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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Taking care of business

The Japanese aren't waiting around for the U.N. to ride to the rescue...

TOKYO (AP) - Saying the country was "in gravest danger," Japan ordered a total ban on North Korean imports late Wednesday and declared that ships from the impoverished nation were prohibited from entering Japanese ports as punishment for its apparent nuclear test.
North Korean nationals are also prohibited from entering Japan, with limited exceptions, the Cabinet Office said in a statement released after an emergency security meeting.
Twenty-four North Korea-registered trade ships were moored at Japanese ports as of Wednesday afternoon, according to public broadcaster NHK. Local traders were already refusing to unload shipments to protest the alleged test, and the boats were expected to be ordered out, NHK said.
"Japan is in gravest danger, if we consider that North Korea has advanced both its missile and nuclear capabilities," Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters following the meeting.
"We cannot tolerate North Korea's actions if we are to protect Japanese lives and property," he said. "These measures were taken to protect the peace."
Abe added the government will swiftly implement the measures, which were to be formally approved by the Cabinet on Friday.

I don't blame them. The crazy Norks are in their back yard. China isn't going to do anything because they know if life gets any tougher in NoKo, there will be a flood of millions of refugees trying to get into China. SoKo isn't going to do anything, the NoKo army could easily overrun the SoKo's across the DMZ. Russia isn't going to do anything, Pootie Poot is busy killing off his critics in the media. What's the incompetent U.N. going to do...threaten NoKo with a harshly worded rebuke? The U.S. isn't going to do anything either. We're not even sure he detonated a nuke...it may have just been a really big pile of TNT designed to feel like a nuke to the seismic sensors. The Japanese are sitting right there within easy missile range of NoKo and feeling very vulnerabe right about now.

I saw them on the news this morning flying the stew out of their F-15's...just in case. It just occured to me, Japan hasn't been in a shooting war since WWII has it? I'm not pulling for war but I'd like to see the Japanese in action...just to see what they've got.

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Reid said...

The Land of the Rising Sun back in the thick of things. Yet see they know one sure thing: no matter what they do in this situation, their backer (the good ole U.S.) will be there lickety split if NOKO decides to do something stupid in retaliation. I applaud the Japanese response, they seem to act and react like the Israeli's. I don't think that they will take any guff from the Jungster in this matter. Maybe they can force their trade partner (China) to do the right thing and completely isolate this country. No food, no water, no heat Jungster quickly is overthrown and beaten from within. They don't care about nuclear proliferation, all they want is the basic staples of life. Plasma screens in every pot