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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, October 09, 2006

Stop, or we'll write a mean letter

I just read the review of Bush's statement regarding NoKo. He said the "international community will respond". My question is, how? Isolate them? -- They couldn't be more isolated if they were on the moon. Starv them with a naval blockade? -- Starving North Koreans envy the Ethiopian diet. You can't starv people who're already hungry. Bomb them back to the stone-age? -- They're already there. Seriously, what can the U.N. do besides do what it always does in response to a crisis...write a strongly worded letter?

Kim Jong-Il wants to sit down to two-party talks with the U.S. to discuss his intent to raid the U.S. national treasury for all he can get. It's simple extortion and wait, peace-at-any-cost liberals will cite the starving citizenry as a reason to grant him an audience with the president. Liberals will magnanimously demand that the U.S. taxpayer fork over billions to help the NoKo economy and it's people...for humanitarian purposes. The complicit, liberal media will portray Bush as an evil, meany who doesn't care for his fellow Earth citizens and probably at some point, he'll cave and do some sort of deal which rewards Kim Jong-Il's extortion plot.


Joe Camel said...

I am in favor o a different stance. I think that we should continue to allow NoKo to test their nuclear system. I think that every time they test this at their underground site, that we test 1 of our missiles at their underground site as well. I may be wrong, but I am convinced that 1 impact of a small missile will only be required to bring this raving lunatic to his knees.
Screw their economy, screw the starving populace, screw them all. Let's step up and show the entire world that the good old USA is back and we are through taking crap from penny-ante dictatorial puupets like Jong il. China will not do anything but sit aside and laugh at the fate of the NoKo's. Japan can't do anything, 'cause without their #1 customer they ship won't sail any more. Iraq, Iran, and the rest of the muslims will start a new thought process on their reign of terror. Peace at last. We dropped the bomb on Japan; since then - no problems with them. Semms to me its the same song second verse. If you are in the immediate area, and an airplane called Enola Gay il flies by, I suggest you run as far and fast as you can in the oposite direction. Good bye and good riddance to you Mr. Jong il, I hope you enjoy wherever former Bhuddist turned communist go in the afterlife.

dupree said...

What a satisfying thought. Let NoKo be a beacon of warning to the rest of the world who is tempted to mess with us. And no downside either.