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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just admit you're a gay pedophile

Why is it that whenever somebody gets caught behaving badly, they immediately check into rehab? They are not getting treated for addiction, they are hiding in shame from scrutiny. It is rare that any of these guys, the ones who didn't kill themselves, ever own up to what they are...

First look at this human-devil who killed the Amish girls; his excuses were in his suicide letters, "I molested relatives before". He said he was "filled with so much hate" and "unimaginable emptiness." He said he hated God because of his daughter who died at the age of 20 days.

OK, I get all that, but what connection does all that stuff have to do with executing more little girls? That...I don't get. If he thought God had it in for him before, wait 'till he has to face him now after this. Just come out and say, "I'm a pathalogically demented sicko and to escape the shame of facing up to what I did, I'm going to kill myself." We all know that anyway.

Then there's Mark Foley who blamed his pedopheliac intent on alcholism (alcohol doesn't cause pedophelia no matter how much you drink), molestation by a priest (What a cliche"! Why must everyone have been molested by a priest in order to excuse their bad behavior 20 years later?), emotional instability (Duh!), and then he announced he was gay (So what? We know he's gay because he behaved deviantly toward boys). It's like these guys use the shotgun approach to culpability absolution. "Surely if I was the victim of something in the past, they won't hold my crimes against me. I'll try every excuse there is and see which one they buy."

Just once I'd like to see a perp say immediately upon getting caught, "You got me. I'm a gay pedophile. It's what I do."

I would at least have respect for him for admitting what he is...total disgust in addition, yes...but at least respect for being honest.

UPDATE: Oct 4, 9:52 PM -- It looks like the democrats' October surprise is beginning to unravel already. Seems the person Foley was IM-ing from the House floor was 18 at the time and not a child. That still doesn't change the fact that he's a creepy, old, dirtbag and needs professional help, but the damage may yet be lessened when all the facts are revealed. Stupid democrats can't even manage to do a good hit job on a target as easy as Foley, and they want us to trust them to take out terrorists before they get us?

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