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Monday, October 02, 2006

This picture has been floating around the Web for a while. If it's real, it's the coolest thing I've seen lately.
Supposedly it's the British Royal Navy on some sort of maneuvers.

Click on the picture to get a closer look.

If I was that guy, I would either set the world ropeladder-climbing record or the world bladder-release record or both.

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Reid said...

I think this is a great picture. True or not, I bet you it was one heck of a ride. What scares me, however, is that there appears to be a person floating in the water. Don't you know he is excited at that point. I also wonder how high a floating man can jump out of the water when under extreme duress from a man eating shark. Ibelieve that if I were the floatee, I would be able to win the Olympic gold medal at all the jumping sports, 'cause that chopper is hovering at about 20', and I'm sure I will arive in the standing position. Maybe this is Britians new torture technique for the Muslim soldiers who can't decide on loyalty. Sharks are not prejudice, they will eat anything, including rabid flea riden muslim extremists being hug out of a helicopter. Sorry, I didn't mean to digress.