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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What's a dog to do?

By popular demand (actually just Reid) I want to open a thread for SEC football opinion. I'll start it off...

First the Dogs -- I realize there's a QB problem at Georgia, but explain the league-leading 22 dropped passes, the inability of small-armed defensive backs to make open-field tackles or correct reads, the miserable protection offered by the O-line, or the disastrous play selections in critical situations( throwing in the flat for 4 yards on third and 13)??? No wonder Georgia and Mark Richt are the most disappointing team and coach respectively in the SEC. How does one lose to Vanderbilt? How does one barely manage to beat Ole Miss and Miss St.? How hot will his seat be when Richt loses the next three out of four games...Florida(L), Kentucky(who knows?), Auburn(L), GaTech(L). That'll be 5 losses on the season and another trip to the Poulan-Weedeater Independence Bowl...does that bowl even exist anymore? If we lose 5, we should do the honorable thing and not accept any bowl invitation.

Florida -- I used to enjoy my hatred for Florida when Spurrier was there but now it's just empty, unsatisfying hatred.

Bama -- The Tide will never achieve greatness as long as fans insist on having a Bear protoge' for coach. There are no more Bear protoge's. Shula wasn't really an attractive coach when they hired him, he was simply the only guy still in football who had ties to Bear Bryant. Clinging to a dead guy for 25 years is a pitiful strategy for running a big-time SEC football program.

Auburn -- It's my favorite game of the year. I like Auburn except when they play Georgia and even then I can enjoy watching the game with Tiger fans. In my experience, Auburn and Georgia fans don't hate each other, we just enjoy the rivalry. Georgia fans hate Florida and Tennessee. We're ambivalent about Bama, we don't play them enough.

LSU -- Jemarcus Russell is not as good as everybody thinks he is. The draft will show that.

Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Miss St., SC -- who cares? They're second teir SEC teams and their respective situations matter not to anybody but the fans unfortunate enough to have attended school there.

Consider this an open thread to discuss any SEC topic you wish. If we get a lot if input, I'll repost the comments in their entirety each Wednesday leading up to Saturday's games.


David said...

Go Georgia Tech!

dupree said...

ACC bites!

Joe Camel said...

We have now found the "hot" topic for disscusion. Weighing in as follows:
SEC Bottom Feeders: All suck. Some of these programs probably need to quit football and concentrate their money on minor sports. Now that I have said this, Ole Miss will beat Auburn this Saturday.

Florida: The communists of the SEC. Urban Meyer - I wish Spurrier were back. This whine box of a coach, has started recruiting thugs and talent only athletes. No care at all for the scholar side. I hope he goes somewhere else and quickly. Loved the throw back jersey and helmets and wish they would go back to them. I did notice that Alabama also wore their throw back uniforms that day as well, they have also worn them at all games since and prior to that day. Nice.
Knox-Vegas: Hillbillies and bitin dogs. No self respecting human should be forced to endure a football game (especially a TV game)at that place - ever. Horrible seating. Outside of that, they are the reason God made Oklahoma. The big O is still a decent team with talent and a loathsome attitude. After beating lowly UA these guys paraded around as if they had won the National Championship. If they play a decent team, they will be beaten.
Aub's: Brandon Cox has a slower release than a Jeffery Dahmer embrace. They have so many injuries, they resemble a MASH unit. Ears has his hands full, and will rue the day when this #$%#@ started. He will eventually be run out on a rail. He has accumulated some great asst. coaches tho. They make him look good. If Shula were smart (big If) he would try to mimic this success, and hire a decent aide. He has none now.

UGA: Dogs have fleas and these dogs are no exception. They spend to much time scratching and not enough time playing. Coach R is in the midst of a major problem. He shortly will be eligble to collect unemployment in Shreveport. He needs to remember that the train tracks are right next to the stadium, and these Lewis Grizzardites will not hesitate to send him in a boxcar. Most still haven't sobered since the Grizard funeral.

We do not need to get down to level of discussing the pathetic ACC or even worse the woefull Conference USA.

As bad as we see the SEC day in and day out, it is still the premere football conference in America- none even close. Yes OSU, USC, Mich are good teams, but all play in weak sister conferences, where a team has to win 1 game a year to win tits championship. Here in the deep south, every Saturday their are potential upsets, and these boys know how to play. How many teams are boasting an Alabama high schooler on the roster around the country? A bunch. Now, how many hail from OHIO that have a scholarship anywhere other than OSU , Kent and Ohoi U? Maybe 2.
Enjoy this season and the ones to come. Soon that evil islamic led NCAA will destroy the great American pastime. Ok sex in the back seat of a car will still be the great American pastime, but you understand .

Reid said...

Here is the issue about SEC football. This conference is the toughest -by far- top to bottom. No cake walks no homecoming opponents. Look at MSU - pitiful, yet they beat a middle of the pack CUSA team in UAB. It will be irtually impossible for Florida or Auburn to climb far enough to get back in the national championship hunt even with some help. Now the real meat of the issue team by team.

Ala: probation is still working. this team has some players, it appears that they have no leadership from the coaches. after the game interviews by players reveal tha they were shocked at the decision to go for a 4th and 1 against FIU. The once mighty have fallen, and may never regain there sole spot atop this heap. It is sad to note that it is newsworthy when UA is bowl eligible. No one ever discusses the issue of UK making the 64 team hoops field!

Ark: underrated this year. played well and will gain little national credit. waxed AU. deserve all they accolades they receive. Freshman qb is getting better and will be good for some time to come.

AU: good football team. not firing on all cylinders since early this year, but when healthy - watchout. Borges is a genius, and as long as he is kept happy they are a player.

FL: good football tem. I despise their whine box of a coach. He can coach other coaches kids, but we will see if he can recruit over the next 3-4 years. did land T-bow last year (credit where credit is due.) bunch of thugs. most seem to be destined for the dade county jail.

TN: fatso has his bunch playing pretty well. they were lucky to beat pathetic ALA, but played well at SC. looks as though they will face a tough road to make the championship game, and that the big orange machine is destined for a trip to south florida this upcoming bowl season. by the way, the Swain kid from huntsville is awsome. how did he get ou of state. another recruiting coup for tubby and dumbo's offspring.

UGA: do they still play football in Athens, or has the stadium been converted to a train station? these guys are bad, and need to self medicate something to ease the pain. luckily drinking is still prevalent in Atown, so the pain will be dulled as this season slips away. Hopefully, these guys can enjoy a trip to the shreveport gaming spots for christmas. I hear that upper LA is beautiful in the winter.

LS who: failure is eminent. russell is the most overhyped qb in history. he constantly has 1 great early game against a directional school, and the heisman talk starts, then he manages to lead this talented bunch thru the throws of mediocrity. They continue to slide til they become bottom feeders. Saban should be brought back this Miles guy is a nut case. welcome to big time footbal lester.

SC/UM/MSU/V/KY: In a nutshell these teams nees to start preperation for the same beatings next year. all suck. the best thing that will happen out of this dung heap, is that the egg bowl may not get televised. Basketball is just around the corner, and for some of these guys, it wont be long enough.

I will digress and discuss the other team in D1 This state has: UAB. Fire the head coach, fire the AD and his interim name, don't give the job back to watson. Hire Joey Jones as head coach, bring in some credible assistants to complement the few decent coaches on staff. Hire Joe Dean Jr as AD. instant credibility, great jump on recruiting this market and for bridging the gap with UA. maybe then there will be moe than 2000 interested people in legion field on a sunday night. As it stands now, the terrorists cannot make a bomb to kill enough people in the stadium cause everybody sits with 10-12 seats between them.

Ed said...

UAB needs two things...a better coach, and it's own stadium. Thousands would attend this D1 game every Saturday but for the life-risking trip to west Birmingham. With scholarship limitations, small D1 schools have shots at legitimate talent and UAB would get it's share...if it had a better coach and a better venue. Too bad the city of B'ham and UAB are so incestuously entwined.

Reid said...

But UAB is currently allowing its fan base to erode with continued lack of success and the all but routine yearly loss to a piss-poor team. I know of a family that has attended all games, until mid season. They are now so distraught they are considering not purchasing the basketball season package. They are rightfully afraid that the fun-filled fastest 90 minutes of hoops is being replaced by the frenetic passing game of Hoosiers fame. Remeber 6 passes before you shoot. A thorough house cleaning from the top down must be done. I agree that the facilities are pitiful as well. Look at the outhouse of a building that is the football complex. How can they ever recruit a decent athlete with their limited facilities. I think that a good job is being done by the minor sports coaches to attract talent, but it seems that most of those kids are student athletes and not the typical football player we know and love. Good luck on the long ride to oblivian if things don't start changing immediately.

Ed said...

I don't know how the program makes money. It's typically the football program that supports all other Title-9 mandated spots programs.

Why don't they just play at the Met like Hoover High Scool does for a big game? Lots of people would attend the games out there.

If the round-ball team fails to impress this year, I think you're right in predicting the greater athaletic program's general decline due to lack of interest.