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Thursday, October 05, 2006

You've come a long way baby

I'm all for equality for women, but grabbing the buttocks of the opposite sex is a personal affrontery that should remain strictly in the domain of construction workers, lounge lizards, and Senators from Massacheusetts...

A woman was charged Wednesday with sexual assault after an altercation with a flight attendant on an airplane flying from Charlotte, N.C., to London, an official said.
Conan Bruce, a spokesman for the Federal Air Marshal Service in Washington, said the woman got into an argument with a male flight attendant aboard US Airways Flight 1494.
"During the altercation, she grabbed his buttocks," Bruce said.
When the airplane landed at Gatwick Airport, Sussex police charged the woman with disrupting a flight and sexual assault, Bruce said.

What's the world coming to? There are certain gender-specific, societal roles that should be respected. Women should not included themselves in literally every facet of the male world just to prove that they can. Allow me to offer a couple of helpful examples: barber shops and athletic supporters...

There are no apron-strings in the barber shop. Women should stay out of barber shops unless employed there. If your son is too young to tell the barber what he wants, take him to SuperCuts. Do not hang around instructing the barber on how to cut your son's or husband's hair. The looks of pity on the other men's faces are unbearable. Women often wonder why it's so quiet in barber shops when there are like 10 guys in there...they stopped talking the second you walked in.

A woman should refrain from assisting the sporting-goods store employee to pick out her son's athletic supporter. If the boy is old enough to wear one, he's old enough to ask for help buying one. Just go browse the women's jogging outfits close by until he's finished.

Asking a guy out is fine. Offering to pay for dinner is fine. Playing sports is great. But leave a few traditional male practices to the men...grabbing rear ends is one of them.


Joe Camel said...

I hope this braen hussy is pt under the jail. Now if the gay guy in the picture happened to be grabbed, it might have been the high point of his life, ie thumbs up. I suggest flying a different carrier to England from now on.

Joe Camel said...

That is brazen hussy is put.. FYI