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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bad habits die hard

With most of the Katrina refugees still living in Houston, the floods there may cause problems...

HOUSTON – Severe thunderstorms with torrential rains and a possible tornado hit Southeast Texas overnight, killing two people, flooding roads and shutting down numerous schools Monday.
As much as 10 inches of rain fell in the Houston-Galveston area. More rain was expected across Texas on Monday, with the possibility of damaging winds and flooding, the National Weather Service said.

Don't be surprised if you hear of some trouble in Houston during all this....after all, looting, shooting, and cannabilism are natural, human responses to urban flooding aren't they?


Reid said...

the new Louisiana license plate logo:
Have gun will loot your town. An ice cream cone is in the middl of the plate. I hope Houston can hang on through their wave of NO led crime. Rmeber when folks are drowning all true Slezites will be there to take your wallet.

Ed said...

If the city stays shut down for more than a day or two, the thugs will come out to play.

What a contrast between the Hawaiians after the earthquake, patiently standing in long lines waiting for access to food and water, and New Orleansians who immediately vandalized and stole whatever they could.